Details of services and applications supported

24*7 Support Online 24/7 experts Support by competent and communicative English speaking experts for all home computer issues and problems. Microsoft Gold Partner using all current tools and industry recommended best practices. We can be reached by via our website chat program for immediate technical help.
Services Yztspc Services are provided for one computer and its related peripherals such as, printers and scanners, per each agreement.
YZTSPC Guarantee An outstanding Experience or your money back! Yztspc guarantee that you will be pleased with the service offered or your money will be refunded in FULL within 30 days of signing up, if the FIRST REPORTED issue was not successfully resolved .
Computer & Tech Support Yztspc provides quality tech support anytime, anywhere using the Internet. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our support levels adhere to Microsoft’s most stringent standards
Connect Peripherals Connect assorted peripherals including printers, scanners, phones and cameras to computer..
Upgrade existing computer Upgrade an existing computer and all essential components are up to date with the latest updates.
Home Wireless Network Set up, Configure and Troubleshoot a home wireless network configuring routers and testing of peripherals that are part of the network.
Computer & Internet Security
Yztspc will help you secure your home computer and network against external threats. We will help you set up a security firewall and tweak your browser and email software to improve security.
Virus & Spyware Removal Identify and Remove Virus and Spyware by Security Experts. Providing full scans, recommending safety measures during on line use, recommending and installing appropriate antivirus and spyware tools. User must have a licensed and valid virus guard installed.
Hard Drive Backup & Recovery Provide Hard drive Backup and Recovery Procedures in event of crashes, accidental deletions through an external device or online service. Yztspc proves data recovery services but cannot guarantee that any or all data will be recovered. An estimate of the percent of data that can be recovered will be provided.
Browser & E-mail Support Browser and Email Expertise and Support for all leading browsers and email tools, such as Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Outlook, Gmail and Thunderbird.
Computer Performance & Optimization Computer Performance and Optimization ensuring that your computer performs up to its full capability including disk and system cleanup with regular maintenance.
Microsoft Support Help Install, upgrade, and troubleshoot Microsoft applications such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 Microsoft Office, etc.;
HP Support Troubleshoot HP computers, printers, and scanners. Configure and personalize settings of your HP Computer, printer, and scanner;
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